Women's Leather Mules

Give us a chic and comfy pair of women’s leather mules and watch as conquer the world. No, we are not being dramatic. Finding the right pair of sandals is often exhausting. The stylish ones go out of style in a jiffy. The comfortable sandals are trendy but again, they are called ‘ugly’ sandals for a reason. And honestly, we can’t wear stifling sneakers with everything! This is where leather mules steal the show. They are fail-safe classics that punctuate our looks and have been doing so for ages. And will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This season, we can pair everything from cropped tees to silk dresses with this trendy new shoe in town.

All the fashion experts will tell you that mules are back! We don’t agree. When did they ever go out of style? To put it simply, women’s leather mules with their open-back glory have always elevated our dinner party looks and black-tie event styles with ease. The reason that they are trending recently is that now they have spread their arms (rather feet?) to accumulate super laid-back transitional styles as well.

These women’s leather clog or slip-on mules are also super comfortable. Imagine no slingback digging into your skin as you walk. More than that, they also feature closed-toe, open-toe, and the latest flip-flop style to support and cover your feet from varying temperatures and the filth of the streets. The only tricky part (call it bittersweet) is that there is no support around the ankle. To avoid slipping out of the leather mules, use no-slip inserts or fashion tapes to avoid injuring yourself.

Again, mules are all-season shoes that most celebrities approve of. But they’re often hailed as transitional weather sandals when temperatures play a trick. Women’s flat or heeled mules crafted with Nappa, suede, or Nubuck leather are always on the classier side of things. Hence, when embellished with buckles, bows, animal skins, or crystals, these mules further rise for all types of occasion wear.

Most importantly, we love styling women’s leather mules to the office. They pair well with billowing trousers and crisp white shirts. But the way Kaia Gerber pairs them with street-style looks, something tells us these leather mules are here to stay! Invest in your favorite round-toe, pointy, or square-toe style now!

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