Valentino Leather Belt Bags

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the belt bag trend. The humble fanny pack is now a must have accessory with designers presenting their own iteration every season. Valentino leather belt bags are the perfect amalgamation of luxe and cool. And why shouldn't it be? When impeccable craftsmanship meets modern day street style, the result is an exciting new statement accessory.

A super popular trend from the nineties, the belt bag takes its inspiration from the touristy fanny pack. Fashion has been loving all things practical. And it doesn't get more practical than this. Utility is here to stay. However, Valentino belt bags elevate this street style staple further by adding their signature luxury touches. From the fanny pack shape to the more modern mini square, Valentino leather belt bags are all about making an entrance. Despite the edgy style, these bags carry the signature Valentino Garavani touches. Glossy hardware, Italian stitching and elegant, feminine colors. Undoubtedly, very cool.

There are plenty of ways to style belt bags. While they match perfectly with jeans and other casual separates, there are plenty of ways to style Valentino belt bags with more elevated formal wear. Use the belt bag to cinch your waist when you’re wearing a flowy silhouette or an oversized cardigan. And voila! You have a defined waist. Or play up the casual vibe of the belt bag with an eye catching color like neon and pair it with your favorite neutral co-ords. The Valentino VRING and VSLING belt bags are minimalist designs that work with everyday basics like an oversized poplin shirt and mom jeans.

Once you’re comfortable with the belt bag, don’t be afraid to experiment. Think of it as an accessory that works beyond the sphere of athleisure wear. Have fun with it! A sophisticated purse like a Valentino leather belt bag will work wonders with cocktail dresses and formal wear as well. So go on and indulge in this playful and fun bag that isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon.

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