Resin Hoop Earrings

This is the jewelry trend we were all waiting for—resin hoop earrings! Apart from handbags, jewelry is a crucial and hefty style investment. However, resin hoops are the affordable counterpart, yet they are just as fashionable and luxurious. Resin is part plastic and part metal. Thus, it has all the attributes of both materials. Both epoxy resin and acetate resin are strong as well as smooth and porous. and sturdy. This fine amalgamation of ingredients is molded into perfect round hoops for fashionistas to flaunt. Not to mention, it’s available in eccentric and beautiful colors, double hoop sizes, clear styles, and dramatic thick resin hoops as well!

Hoops have been culturally significant for decades in history and fashion. Unlike gold or metal that has a notorious reputation of being “trashy” and “unprofessional”, a pair of resin hoop earrings are, in fact, very sophisticated and sleek. From minimal designs to avant-garde pieces, this 60s trend is blowing up amongst fashion’s elite. Moreover, the versatility and modern shape along with the chic colors make it a must-have jewelry piece. Without burning a hole in your pocket, a class pair of small or big resin hoop earrings will transform any look. They’re so unique and pretty! Regardless of the size, resin hoops are not heavy and sit lightly on the ears as well. They're just super fun to wear!

Whether you splurge on chunky styles or sculpted beauties, do care for your resin earrings to maintain their shine. Apart from keeping away from direct sunlight and harsh chemicals, clean the hoops with a microfiber cloth and mild soap.  Store it in a jewelry box to prevent tarnish! Trust us, a little care will go a long way. Treat yourself to timeless resin hoop gold plated earrings that are perfect to wear formally for cocktail events. Whereas, multi-hued designs add personality and character to your casual looks. From tortoiseshell, marble, and two-tone prints, this fashionable accessory is a classic!

Resin hoop earrings are retro and vintage-inspired style staples. Wear them while running errands, watching a movie, or on a dinner date. The fashion-forward resin trend is also very popular on the runways and amongst celebrities. Style it casually with a white shirt and blue jeans. Slip into black mules and pink resin hoop earrings. They’ll instantly add a pop of color and oodles of style to your ensemble. Or flaunt a leather mini dress with stockings and thigh-high boots in winter. Match your pouch bag to your hoop earrings to make a statement!

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