Pearl Shoes

Neutral heels, white sandals, beige shoes, black shoes—phew! The trend game keeps changing but pearl shoes remain constant. These pearly white tones are elite colors in fashion. While pure white is too bright and can make you look washed out, pearl white adds a soft glow of yellow undertones to the stark color. Additionally, beige and nude neutrals can look too monotonous in an era when these tones are trending. So, pearly footwear comes to the rescue. These white shoes make you stand out while keeping you on top of trends at all times. What more can we possibly wish for in a pair of shoes?

Pearls are legendary jewels that continue to inspire awe among bijou lovers. Such is the case with pearl shoes and heels as well. The legendary white shade is the softest creamy hue that has every It Girl’s heart. Although one might argue that white can be a lackluster color when it comes to styling, no one can deny that white shoes are the only classics that never fade in their charm. Pearl is that fashionable shade of white that is pure and perfect. On top of that, smooth leather sandals and shoes in pearly hues also mix and match with almost any outfit.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, vintage pearl shoes will always excite you! Not only are these footwear pieces classic and elegant, but they also can be dramatic when paired strategically. Pair pearl heels with bright bubblegum and lemon outfits and watch your looks elevate. If you pair white leather sandals with colorful pants and dresses (as is the trend of the day), you’ll also find that the white shade will balance your looks. Similarly, pearl footwear also suits both formal and casual attire.

Pair your pearl sandals with a chic pantsuit. We can’t imagine a better “boss-lady” look! Or else, the classic pearly white sneakers are perfect to pair with any casual outfit or balance any dressy look. We all know how iconic Saint Laurent’s pearl white heels are! Thanks to the iconic trend, you can also style pearl wedding shoes, formal shoes, and classy heels with all outfits alike. Shop the trend here.

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