Madewell Hoop Earrings

As classic, timeless, and trend-proof hoop earrings are, the perfect ones that do not chafe the ear can be as evasive. If you are looking for something economical, stylish, elegant as well as comfortable, Madewell hoop earrings are for you! These are just like that perfect comfy t-shirt! Once we find a nice one in the right size, we just stick to it for ages. But hoops carry a history and cultural significance too. With structured blazers, laid-back biker shorts, or any occasion under the blue sky, we go back to these earrings, again and again!

From giant to itty-bitty huggie hoop earrings, Madewell jewelry brings you all kinds of hoops for every face type. For instance, if you have a round or oval face shape, choose the huggie or small hoops in vintage gold. Since hoops mimic the shape of such face types, the smaller the better to offset those curvy features. Contrarily, women with square or diamond faces can choose chunky and oversized Madewell hoops to balance their geometric features.

Since Madewell is the epitome of all timeless fashion, investing in hoops from the brand always seems like a bright idea. The vintage gold Madewell hoop earrings are lightweight but sturdy due to their gold-plated brass. Further, they feature sterling silver posts that are naturally soft due to the high silver content. Bend them into shape as per your comfort level. The chunky hoops are also often hollow. So they feel light and do not stretch your earlobes. Hoops are A-lister favorites and never go out of style.

Thus, these hoops avoid swollen ears, making them perfect for everyday, office or high-fashion outfits. In fact, we vouch for the beauty and function of all kinds of Madewell hoop earrings from acetate to delicate wire and double hoops. Also, many consider giant hoops to be over the top. For such people, Madewell’s mixer hoops work wonders to add oodles of class to the look. Stack tiny hoops for a big impact. The brand also recommends cleaning your jewelry after each wearing with a soft cloth. This keeps them tarnish-free for long periods of time.

Style your Madewell earrings for formal and professional occasions with ease as you style them with elegant blazers, sheath dresses, and pump sandals. These hoops are also economic enough to carry them on vacation, matching them with gold necklaces. You'll never worry about them getting lost! Find your new go-to everyday hoops from this wonderful edit.

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