Leopard Shoulder Bags

Everyone seems to understand fashion to a certain degree. Although, to know and love leopard shoulder bags is a class apart from the rest. Animal printed clothes and accessories have been around since the trend was popularized during the 80s. There are no two ways about it, the animal print trend is a controversial one. However, it has continued to flourish on the catwalk and on the streets season after season. As bold as it is, leopard print bags have appealed to stylists all over the world. The wild leopard patterns and prints infused with striking colors and even pastel hues are It Girl favorites in all fashion capitals.

Leopard shoulder bags including tote and crossbody styles are a perennial trend. Carried over decades, our parents indulged in this style and so did their parents. It has earned a place in fashion's impeccable hall of fame. Every woman should have this one statement piece hanging in her handbag closet. It’s an evergreen style that can be worn all year long. The shoulder strap on these pieces also makes it a very practical fashion accessory. Along with its chicness, leopard shoulder bags can practically fit all your belongings compactly. Sling it like a crossbody for added convenience. 

On the days you want to keep your outfit minimal, a leopard shoulder bag is your definitive style savior! These styles have the mysterious ability to look classically versatile even though they exude boldness. If you're apprehensive about going over the top, dip your feet in the animal print trend by styling your leopard shoulder bag with an all-black outfit. Or keep it really simple with a neutral brown midi dress. Or even opt for a basic white shirt and wide-leg pants. If you're feeling rather rebellious, pair your new It Bag with matching leopard sandals. This ensemble will amaze the boardroom and the girls at lunch! Let the leopard shoulder bag roar for itself. 

The most acclaimed luxury designers and brands have boldly experimented with this oh-so-trendy bag. Some of the most elegant and polished styles have chain straps and metal buckles. Additionally, with the leopard pattern, brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Micheal Kors, and Yves Saint Laurent have gold clasps that exude luxury and exclusivity. The striking metallic detailing with the eccentric print can amp up any outfit. Don’t forget to balance out your jewelry pieces when you’re ready to flaunt this spectacular accessory! Punk and polished at the same time. What else do we need?

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