Chain Hoop Earrings

The hoop culture has given birth to so many iconic micro trends. At the forefront of all are chain hoop earrings. Similar to fashion, jewelry trends are also ever-changing. Although once a style is declared timeless on the runway and by street style stars on social media, it’s unlikely for it to go out of style. In fact, the everlasting style status has made this style a very worthwhile investment. These earrings have an interlocking chain effect along with a perfectly round hoop. Additionally, they can be dainty with drop styles or dramatic pieces that dangle. Whether it’s gold, silver, diamond, or precious gemstones, the cable chains symbolize eternity and harmony.

Unlike the “trashy” or “unprofessional” reputation that hoops have, chain link hoop earrings are sophisticated and versatile. These statement pieces are suitable for the boardroom and the ballroom. Moreover, double hoop chains earrings with diamonds or pearls will not only make heads turn at the office but can be dressed up or down for any event. All over the world chain hoops symbolize strength, power, and confidence. Once worn it brings out the beauty and natural features of the face. It also accentuates the jawline. From heart shape, round, oval to square faces, oversized hoop earrings with chains suit all women!

The best jewelry designers and brands debut exclusive styles every season. They have different accents and details. From bold chain dangle hoop earrings to delicate silver hoop earrings, these styles have anatomical structures and round-cut jewels. All eyes will be on you if you flaunt a pair at a cocktail event! Whereas, chunky large hoop earrings will elevate the simplest of looks. They will also frame the face beautifully. Treat yourself or someone special to double hoop chain styles with diamonds. It will be a forever treasure to cherish.

This classic style will add glitz and glamour to your everyday looks. It strikes a balance between elegance and edge. It has the potential to make or break any outfit. In fact, splurging on handcrafted authentic styles is just as important as the design. Take inspiration from Natalia Portman’s red carpet looks and Bella Hadid’s off-duty model uniform! Infuse your personal style to really stand out! Amp up your graphic t-shirt, sneakers, and skinny jeans ensemble, or add utmost class to your floor-sweeping satin maxi and metallic leather sandals. You won’t regret adding this jewel to your crown!

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