black bucket bags

Black bucket bags are true trendsetters in all fashion cycles. Brands have been churning up multiple variations of this classic bag. They’re here to stay. They may be a practical choice but they’re just as stylish to wear. Stylists have also fallen in love with the variations of this accessory. Some include prints and fringes as well as embossing and embellishments. Without a doubt, there is a bucket bag out there for every fashionista. 

Mansur Gavriel has a vast collection of similar styles made out of calfskin. It exudes luxury and exclusivity like no other.  The most dominant names in the business have their own interpretations of this pouch-style handbag. For instance, YSL, Gucci, Celine, and Prada have various designs in black leather bucket bags. Etro has a fusion of prints and solid colors which have trickled down from the runway to the streets. Notably, the small black bucket bag is trending at the moment. Especially designs that are convertible and easy to carry.

Every successful fashion trend has a history attached to it. The first-ever bucket bag was made to carry bottles of champagne in the 1930s by Louis Vuitton’s grandson. The Louis Vuitton Noé was the first designer black bucket bag that was specifically intended as a fashion accessory for women. By keeping the iconic shape and silhouette intact, many brands have recently reinvented this design.

When in doubt wear black. It’s an unwritten rule in the fashion industry. Altogether this style is chic, versatile, and practical. A low-key minimalistic design is exactly what an outfit needs sometimes. Adding a personal touch to your outfit makes it stand out. Tying a satin silk scarf around your bag will add flair to the overall look making it look more fashionable. Black bucket bags are a suitable companion for the bold and confident. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley nailed the casual-chic look in a basic tee and a studded Yves Saint Laurent black bucket bag in New York. 

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