Unique Gift Ideas

Luxury Gift Guide: The Top Unique Gift Ideas of the Season

From high-tech gadgets to the ultimate creative gifts, beauty finds and chicest au courant accessories, discover the top 10 most unique gift ideas for everyone on your list with our guide to the season’s must-have items and experiences.


Unique Gift Ideas: Coming Up Roses

Loved by everyone from the Kardashians to Cardi B, Venus et Fleur has managed to up the ante of consistency, care and caliber in the floral industry one arrangement at a time, and proves to be one of the top creative gifts to give this season.

When Sunny Chadha and Seema Bansal began their quest to fill a void in the floral industry, they knew they pioneered something special. New York’s first bespoke, luxury arrangements retailer, the brand possesses a unique range of pieces–from its year-round staples to its 12 Days of Roses collection, Knit fabrications and its Zodiac by Suzan Miller masterpieces–that make for the perfect creative gifts for a loved one…or for yourself!

VENUS ET FLEUR Zodiac by Susan Miller: Cancer, $169.00 – BUY NOW

VENUS ET FLEUR Zodiac by Susan Miller: Libra, $169.00 – BUY NOW

VENUS ET FLEUR 12 Days of Roses, $249.00 – BUY NOW

What was the moment that sparked the inception of your brand?

Sunny Chadha, my husband sent me flowers on Valentine’s Day when we first started dating long-distance.  When the flowers arrived in poor condition, we were prompted to find a solution to fixing the gap in the marketplace which led us to developing a way to preserve roses for up to a year. We decided to create a luxury service and disrupt the industry by transforming the traditional floral experience.  We wanted to build a floral destination providing high-quality, long-lasting flowers that can be sent to loved across the globe.

Do you feel that there is an aspect of your personal ethos that helped contribute to Venus et Fleur’s renowned legacy?

I’m all about pouring positivity into my life as well as the company. Making people happy is a huge part of my personality  and that is a huge goal with our products, as well. Venus ET Fleur aims to always give a luxurious experience through optimism and impressionable beauty.

Has there been a “pinch me” moment that you’ve experienced with the company, whether it was facilitating the curation of an arrangement for a particular person or an event?

My most “pinch me” moment has been watching the company grow in size with a great team of employees and having the company go global! To this day I’m still pinching myself in disbelief and am so grateful for the rapid expansion of our business.

Is there any piece of advice you would offer to those looking to purchase florals as an insider of the industry yourself?

I personally believe that gifting florals is always about sharing love with others. With that being said, always search for quality flowers and a personalized experience. What sets us apart is the full personalized, luxe experience. From custom online ordering to hand-delivering directly to clients, we want to make the experience seamless and fun!

If you could pinpoint 3 things that helped you swiftly disrupt the field and helped you gain traction as a premiere luxe rose arrangements retailer, what would they be?   

First and foremost, making quality florals is always a huge priority at Venus ET Fleur. Second, what sets us apart the most is creating and curating special collections filled with lasting flowers. Lastly, the popular feedback from celebrities on social media and becoming their floral go-to is amazing! We love receiving positive recognition and having everyone join us in our huge milestones.

What are your favorite pieces from your range?

I love all our products but especially Fleura Vase, Le Claire, Love Locks Box.

Are there any exciting projects or releases you are working on that you could reveal?

I can’t reveal too much… but we’re expanding into new categories!

What has been one of the most seminal moments of your career trajectory thus far?

Becoming an entrepreneur has always been a dream of mine! So to be recognized as a leading disruptor in the floral industry really is an honor.

Where do you see the future of floral ateliers going? 

I can’t speak for other companies but I know for Venus ET Fleur we are always committed to going above and beyond with innovation.

With the holiday season approaching, what would you suggest as the perfect piece from your collection to get for someone?

It always depends on what you are trying to convey! If you’re trying to make a grand gesture, I would gift the Le Plein because of its exquisite features. Another good idea, especially with engagement season approaching is to propose with a ring hidden in an Un Clair!


Unique Gift Ideas: Drain Away

Literally and figuratively enter the new year with a clean slate vis-à-vis one of the most popular, holistic procedures and most creative gifts to date: lymphatic drainage.

Though, on the East Coast, it remains in its nascent, pop-up stage, Ricari Studios has swiftly become a holistic haven for Manhattan’s most in-the-know set. Offering a body sculpting service that has been championed by everyone from Camille Rowe to Romee Strijd, the studio’s time-tested cellular stimulation treatment is one of our top unique gift ideas and most creative gifts, which has won over wellness fanatics and skeptics alike. For the holiday season, consider us sold on the ultimate procedure that screams “treat yourself.”

RICARI STUDIOS Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Starting at $255.00

Why is lymphatic health so important?

We’re aware that all things lymph are trending right now, and for good reason. The lymphatic system has been annointed a “newfound ‘organ,’” and the biological relevance of lymphatic health is really starting to enter the mainstream. Think of your lymphatic system like a highway network in your body. This highway is responsible for eliminating cellular waste, storing and distributing fat and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system, transporting white blood cells to assist in immune functioning, and removing interstitial fluid from tissues to minimize swelling. It’s a pretty important job. All that being said, we want to make it clear that we do not mistake ourselves for doctors. The type of service we provide is really about cellular stimulation: getting down to the nitty-gritty of your body’s day-to-day functioning, which means circulatory support, nervous system support, fascia release, tissue regeneration, muscle recovery, collagen production, lymphatic drainage… you get the idea. We want to help you become more aware of your body and provide a systematic approach to wellness that goes way beyond any buzzword or physical markers of health, like being “fat” or “skinny.”

Have you had a substantial increase in customer interest as of late?

Astronomical. Five years ago, nine out of ten people had no idea what lymphatic drainage or cellular stimulation was, and now most people are requesting it specifically. I’m glad to be living in an era where wellness is fashionable, if that’s what it takes to get people to take care of themselves. Words like “lymphatic drainage” and “fascia” are not the most sexy, so I think it’s important to relate the importance of these things in terms that are accessible and attractive, without falling down a rabbit whole of false promises and quack science.

What types of tools and mechanisms do you use when working on the lymphatic system and what are the benefits?

We use a combination of machines and techniques developed by the beauty, athletic, and medical communities, all of which are naturally stimulating and simply feel good. Nothing we do is aggressive. Pleasure is a big part of our ethos. We believe self-care should be a pleasurable priority. The immediate and long-term benefits of lymphatic care are endless. Many of our clients are shocked by how profoundly relaxed they feel after their first session. Aesthetically, there are of course improvements to be had, especially when lymphatic drainage becomes part of your routine. The combination of mechanical stimulation of the skin, muscles, and tissue helps tone and contour, while frequency stimulation targets your cells. As a practice, lymphatic drainage really makes you look and feel better from the inside out.


Unique Gift Ideas: Mini Marvels

Hermès’ newest Mini Lindy bag frees haute accessory enthusiasts from the constant pull between tiny structured styles and pouches with the Fall ‘19 functional in-between, and remains one of our top unique gift ideas and most creative gifts of the season.

Quickly joining the ranks of Hermès’ Birkin, Kelly, and Constance bag comes the newly debuted Mini Lindy bag. First shown on Hermes’ pre-Fall 2019 runway, the house translated a lesser-known classic into a staple of the quickly-spreading mini-bag trend of this year.

In a more traditional shape with an equal balance of structure and a relaxed silhouette, the Mini Lindy bag can be handheld or worn with a strap ideal for a chic crossbody. Crafted in leather, the piece is available in four sizes: 45 cm, 34 cm, 30 cm, and 26 cm. Make a statement in any kind of outfit with the Mini Lindy bag in jewel-toned styles, or add it to your wardrobe in one of the runway’s staple neutrals.

With its supple calfskin leather titled Swift calfskin as a literary reference, the material only adds to the piece’s partially relaxed silhouette and highlights a resemblance to the House’s historic use of Gulliver’s calfskin, a homage to John Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, which is no longer available in modern Hermès collections.

The Mini Lindy bag itself is almost smooth with a subtle and elegant shine and a lightly marked grain. In its many sizes and colors, the bag is a versatile and transitionable addition to any accessory collection, fitting perfectly with everyday workwear looks, elevated night looks, or even a casual streetwear outing outfit.

The classic Hermès holdall, the Mini Lindy bag is the last piece necessary to make Hermès perfect for every purse need that arises for daytime, nighttime, and workwear looks. The brand’s newest piece is one of the top creative gifts that frees haute accessory enthusiasts from the constant pull between tiny structured styles and pouches with the Fall ‘19 functional in-between.

HERMÈS Mini Lindy Bag, Starting at $7,100.00


Woven Wonders

A storied Maison that draws upon Italian culture with global elements, Bottega Veneta maintains its status as the epitome of luxury and refinement vis-à-vis its newest Lido sandals just in time for the holiday season of creative gifts.

This fall, couture enthusiasts unanimously singled out their favorite trend of the Fall 2019 season, the Bottega Veneta Lido sandals, and it’s why it stands as one of our favorite unique gift ideas and top creative gifts of the season. Influencers and celebrities alike have been sporting this piece throughout fashion month. In a stylish mid-heel mule crafted from nappa leather and intricately woven toe details, the showstopper of Bottega Veneta’s Fall/Winter ‘19 show is now trickling from fashion week into every fashionista’s must-have wardrobe.

As a house that draws upon Italian culture with global elements, the Bottega Veneta Lido sandals are the epitome of the label’s signature refinement. Emphasizing luxury, style, and innovation, the widely-loved style is a versatile classic that never ceases to elevate both a day or night look.

Since Daniel Lee’s takeover as creative director, there have been high expectations for the legacy he will leave at the historic label, and the success of the Bottega Veneta Lido sandals are a testament to the successful future we are about to witness at Bottega Veneta. Just as the style emphasizes the core values of the house, it artfully incorporates minimalist trends that reappear in the style of every season into Bottega Veneta’s unique luxury designs to create the soon-to-be staple Bottega Veneta Lido sandals.

Just as he so clearly stated in his initial work for the house, Daniel Lee is heading a rise of the new Bottega, one that brings the brand’s legendary values to a new generation of wearers. After jump starting his career under the guidance of the industry-changing work of Margiela, Lee is beginning to build a lasting legacy in the footsteps of the previous creative director of Bottega Veneta, Tomas Maier, through the subtle presentation of brand-defining pieces like the Bottega Veneta Lido sandals.

BOTTEGA VENETA Lido Sandals in Nappa in Cipria, $1,786.00 – BUY NOW

BOTTEGA VENETA Lido Sandals in Nappa in Indigo 20, $1,270.00 – BUY NOW


Holiday Hellos

Bring a warm, personal touch to the wintry mix with one of our favorite creative gifts : hand-illustrated notecards from luxury stationery and home goods maker Dear Annabelle.

There’s no time like the holidays to celebrate the “tactile and emotional joys of meaningful exchange.” Named after founder Marcie Pantzer’s daughter, Dear Annabelle embodies elegant, yet playful, designs, vibrant, saturated colors and countless personalized details.

An avid letter writer and stationery collector, Pantzer channeled her “personal obsession with the craft of correspondence by creating modern, luxury paper goods that offered timeless glamour with a wink.”

With a range of notecards, notepads, place cards and other fine paper goods, Dear Annabelle underscores a passion for an abundance of options coupled with unparalleled dedication to quality through its use of top-line materials that make for one of the top unique gift ideas. Three notecard collections dubbed Expressions, Motifs and Monogram include sets embossed with fun phrases, cheeky and sophisticated illustrations and an amalgam of levels of formality for practically everyone in your life.

Part of the Motifs collection, the Frosty notecards made their way to our wish list. The set makes for the ultimate holiday gift for friends, family and coworkers alike, and offers a range of drawings from a decked out pine tree to a snowman, colorful winter hat, snowflakes and ski apparel.

Dear Annabelle’s Frosty notecard set comes with 10 heavyweight cards perfect for lasting from season to season with engrained prose for that special someone. 2 matching envelopes per design come in a pack, and can be mixed-and-matched with an assemblage of other designs and collections from the brand. 

The only thing that makes one of our favorite creative gifts better is Dear Annabelle’s commitment to protecting the environment. The brand carefully purchases its paper stock from FSC-certified companies that demonstrate a similar commitment to the planet through sustainable forestry measures and practices. Additionally, the stationary brand donates a percentage of all sales to One Tree Planted, a Vermont-based environmental charity focused on global reforestation through tree-planting across the world.

DEAR ANNABELLE Frosty Notecards, $80.00 – BUY NOW

DEAR ANNABELLE Cheery Notepads, $50.00 – BUY NOW


Unique Gift Ideas: True Love

Tiffany blue is swiftly replacing traditional green and red as the proverbial holiday hue with the launch of its newest Tiffany T True ring iterations. Consider this one of the most creative gifts we’re currently loving.

The holiday season is already underway, and storied jeweler Tiffany & Co. has already upped the ante and given new meaning to the proverbial phrase “the more, the merrier.” Though it wasn’t long ago that a piece of fine jewelry was reserved exclusively for special occasions, these latest creations prove that jewelry’s rightful place should be front and center, especially when it comes to the newest Tiffany T True ring iterations.

“It used to be that things most people thought were fancy felt a little uptight and too precious to touch,” muses Tiffany & Co.’s chief artistic director, Reed Krakoff. “But not anymore.”

Since taking over as chief artistic director in 2017, Reed Krakoff has ushered in a new era, including the Tiffany T True ring offerings, in which even the most rarefied stones, be it diamonds, sapphires or rubies, are designed to be worn as part of one’s everyday life, and make for unique gift ideas. “At Tiffany, we think that even the most refined things can be worn every day, as long as you do it with ease and a little attitude. We feel that life is enriched when you surround yourself with beauty and the things and people you love. And, most emphatically, we believe that luxury no longer has anything to do with formality, and everything to do with taking pleasure in what you value most.”

This season, this contemporary approach to jewelry as an eloquent expression of one’s personal style is the chiefly embodied in the designer’s Tiffany T True ring pieces–scintillating offerings that are quickly taking over as the new icons of the house. Indeed, the myriad of rings in gold, rose gold and white gold, mark an edgier, more directional turn for the storied jeweler as they allow women to stack and mix-and-match pieces for an artfully layered look that works to today’s diverse, individualized approach to personal style.

Graphic angles and clean lines are what make the Tiffany T True ring iterations so alluring as our favorite creative gifts of the season. Impeccably crafted in a range of gold metals, these intricate link rings are designed with an alternating pattern that echoes the collection’s iconic T motif while maintaining a sense of classicism–a feature that is only underscored with the availability of the piece in ultra-minimalist iterations and with brilliant pavé diamond accents. Show yours off this holiday season as a singular statement, or try it layered in with a medley of the label’s other rings for a chic mix-and-match effect.

TIFFANY & CO. Tiffany T True Ring, $2,000.00 – BUY NOW


Flying High

This season, Louis Vuitton continues its long-lasting legacy as a premiere harbinger of luxury that values fashion and function with its latest Soft Duffel luggage range for one of the top unique gift ideas and creative gifts of the season.

Making a name for itself since the 18th century as the top luxury travel designer, the iconic Louis Vuitton print has become a status marker in travel luggage. The brand’s classic structured suitcases hold its image in their travels, but the brand has widened its legendary designs into more cushiony designs with its Louis Vuitton Soft Duffel luggage.

Valued at $2,180, Louis Vuitton’s new luggage is a chic hybrid between the traditional suitcase style and the duffel bags becoming so common today for weekend trips. Clad with the LV logo, each duffel can be pulled along like a suitcase or held like a typical duffel with two straps held together at the front of each piece of Soft Duffel luggage.

A highly anticipated successor to Mac Newson’s preceding collection, LV Soft Duffel luggage embodies Louis Vuitton’s traditional values of high-end luggage and chic travel and translates them to pieces that can easily elevate a classic streetwear look or be the accompaniment to any business trip look.

Of the collection, designer Marc Newson mused: “After starting with hard luggage where the parameters are naturally more defined and rigid, we have embarked upon stage two, which is the soft version. I had to identify a suitable technology to give the project validity, I had to have a reason, something really compelling to kick the project off. That was to be the technology, which was not so much a technology, more of a process or a technique, a process that I was aware of through various other projects that I had been doing and essentially it’s knitting.”

The Louis Vuitton Soft Duffel luggage collection is lightweight, made from a single piece of thermoformed knit. Its rolling luggage iteration features two compact wheels and the knit is embellished with LV initials and monogrammed flowers. As the trolley system is attached to an outward cane, the interior of each duffel is completely flat, maximizing storage space, and is easily accessible with its double-zip closure and wide ‘U’ opening. 

Available in the classic brown canvas as well as black, gray, yellow, and a statement orange, Louis Vuitton Soft Duffel luggage continues the brand’s long-lasting legacy of prime travel accessories that both serve their function and add an aesthetic quality to a casual travel look. 

LOUIS VUITTON Soft Duffel Luggage, Starting at $2,180.00


Game, Set, Match

With this ground-breaking collaboration, Saint Laurent x Wilson brings performance items in sports directly to the luxury fashion market for one of the best creative gifts of the season.

As recent trends bring utility onto the high fashion runway, the question arises: where can style go next? With the 2017 boom of technology weaving its way into iconic red carpet styles, performance and style are not strange to one another, but designers have yet to breach the gap between the two—until the recent Saint Laurent x Wilson collection.

Hot on the heels of the US Open and just prior to the Laver Cup, luxury label Yves Saint Laurent and the iconic sports label Wilson have announced their Saint Laurent x Wilson collaboration in creating a tennis set that is the perfect balance of performance and elegant design.

The distinctive and iconic racket features a checkered theme consistent in both the racket itself and its stylish cover. The racket features a distinctively elegant black and white checkered frame and black string. Its cover matches the sporty design in a black and white checkered pattern and the “Saint Laurent Paris x Wilson” logo on each side, an homage to the iconic partnership.

As an almost-bonus to the already noteable collaboration, add a pair of marble weights that serve as an inimitable aesthetic choice to both the collection and any home gym. Also a Rive Droite exclusive, these Saint Laurent Dumbbells in Marble complete a gift set that features the label’s brand new performance pieces.

As part of the latest Rive Droite capsule, which focuses on athletic pieces and collaborations with sports brands, the Saint Laurent x Wilson collection will be available exclusively on Rive Droite.

With this ground-breaking collaboration, Saint Laurent x Wilson brings performance items in sports to the luxury fashion market, forging a new path for fashion from prior sports and style collaborations like Nike x Ricardo Tisci for Maria Sharapova’s 2017 US Open dress and Serena Williams’ look created by Virgil Abloh for this year’s US Open. Consider this one of the top unique gift ideas for an ultimate win! 

WILSON Checkered Tennis Racket (Case included), $770.00

WILSON Tennis Balls (Set of 3), $105.00



Unique Gift Ideas: Picture Perfect

To own Andy Warhol’s Butterflies lithograph is to own a piece of art history to last you through the seasons–and it’s why it’s one of the best unique gift ideas our editors are loving.

If etching and drawing are musical notes, Andy Warhol’s Butterflies lithograph is nothing short of a symphony. One of the most seminal, creative and prolific artists of the 20th century, Warhol was a trailblazer who remains the subject of countless retrospectives, features and collections. Sperone Westwater makes it easy to own a piece of the artist’s history by way of a top contender in the creative gifts category : this hand colored Butterflies lithograph on paper.

Chief art and architecture critic of The Washington Post, Philip Kennicott, recently observed that: “working directly on paper remained an essential outlet for Warhol’s energies throughout his career” and “[the drawings’] intimacy is unlike almost anything else in Warhol’s canon.”

Though Warhol’s silkscreen works remain the ones most revered in his vast artistic cannon, the artist’s distinctive drawing practice, including this Butterflies lithograph, developed early in his studies and remained an important habit he maintained throughout his life. Vincent Fremont noted: “It is important for people to know the vital role drawing played in Andy Warhol’s life as an artist. By focusing only on Andy’s drawings, this exhibition is a way to highlight without distraction Andy’s innovative process and experimentation which encompassed pen and ink, blotted line and graphite.”

Andy Warhol’s Butterflies lithograph is featured in the exhibition By Hand: Part II, Drawings 1950s – 1960s at the Sperone Westwater Gallery. The amalgam of works was curated by Vincent Fremont, Warhol’s “right hand man for two decades” and founder of the Andy Warhol Foundation. Among the 125 drawings that were produced from the 1950s and 1960s, this Butterflies lithograph is joined by a bevy of other works that explore themes including flowers, female and male portraits, religion and travel. Warhol’s usage of a blotted-line technique clearly demonstrates an early interest in the repetition of a similar image or motif–a characteristic that would anchor and define much of his later work.

SPERONE WESTWATER Butterflies, $200,000.


All Ears

Designed to be contemporary, yet evergreen, the MW07 PLUS utilizes the finest materials and is engineered to endure the test of time vis-à-vis its perfect balance of aesthetics and design, proving that the most creative gifts can also be one of the most functional.

Since its inception in 2014, New York City-based premium audio brand Master & Dynamic has released a wide range of award-winning audio products from wired and wireless headphones to a wireless speaker. This season, they’ve upped the ante with the MW07 PLUS True Wireless Earphones, which were recognized for world class design as the winner of The Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 for one of the top unique gift ideas to give now. Rooted in unwavering attention to craft and detail, Master & Dynamic continues to pay homage to a deep understanding for beautifully crafted and technically sound audio tools to help “focus, inspire and transport” one’s mind. 

A luxe innovation in the True Wireless Category, the MW07 PLUS provides technical enhancements from the first generation MW07 while maintaining its storied quality, design, and acoustic capability. The MW07 PLUS boasts an “unparalleled 40 hours of total battery life (with the charging case) and Bluetooth 5.0 with 30m/100ft connection range.” Additionally, dual beamforming noise reduction mic arrays provide best-in-class talk performance while 10mm custom Beryllium delivers brilliant sound. 

“A year after launching our original MW07 True Wireless Earphones, we are implementing important enhancements to this award-winning product,” mused Master & Dynamic’s founder and CEO, Jonathan Levine when discussing the MW07 PLUS. “At Master & Dynamic, we don’t follow a set schedule for product releases and improvements. We do whatever is best for the customer experience as soon as possible.”

The MW07 PLUS earphones are available in three core colorways, Tortoiseshell, Steel Blue, and White Marble, in addition to a Studio 35 x Kevin Durant special edition colorway, Black Quartz. These earphones feature handcrafted acetate, and are rendered in a hand-polished stainless steel charging case complete with a soft pouch for storage.

Designed to be contemporary, yet evergreen, the MW07 PLUS utilizes the finest materials and is engineered to endure the test of time vis-à-vis its perfect balance of aesthetics and design. With collaborations from world-renowned luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Leica Camera, Master & Dynamic believes that “mastery is a never-ending exploration requiring a dynamic approach.”

MASTER & DYNAMIC MW07 Plus, $299.00

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