12 Iconic Prada Bags That Belong in Every Stylish Wardrobe

Minimal ‘90s aesthetics.
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Nov 11, 2022

When it comes to bags, Prada knows what it’s doing. Leather luxury handbags have been a Prada staple since the brand’s launch in 1913. The bags are so beloved, that you’ll often see the brand reintroduce silhouettes from years past in its contemporary collections. Case in point: its recent nylon Re-Edition launch that's been seen on just about every celebrity, influencer, and fashion lover.

Even more recently, Prada’s slick Cleo bag has become the go-to silhouette for fashion insiders—but that doesn’t mean that other Prada bags have fallen in the ranks of popularity. You’ll find that the Italian luxury house is well-versed in everything from coveted tote bags to on-trend mini bags, and pretty much everything in between. Keep scrolling to see the best Prada bags we’ve deemed as investment-worthy picks with everlasting head-turning potential.


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Prada Cleo Bag

Debuting in Prada’s SS21 collection, the Cleo is the Italian luxury label’s take on the contemporary It bag. It’s described by Prada as the “synthesis of classicism and futurism”—and we couldn’t agree more. With its timeless, minimal design (with or without a flap top) and cool, curved silhouette, this shoulder bag is an instant classic that will work in any wardrobe.

Wear It With: a pair of jeans and an oversized blazer for equal parts casual and luxury.


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Prada Bowling Bags

The bowling bag made its debut back in 2000 and has since become one of Prada’s most classic styles, which is quite fitting, because Y2K fashion continues to take over our social media feeds. True to its name, the bag’s top handle and rounded silhouette are directly inspired by the actual bowling ball carrying bags of the ‘50s—but trust us, you don’t want to risk leaving one of these in the bowling alley coat check. The larger bowling bag, with a carry handle and shoulder strap, is great for those who simply can’t pack light, but we’re drawn to the small shoulder bag for its ’90s vibes.

Wear It With: a bomber and a cotton dress for a sporty-chic look suited for shopping in SoHo. 


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Prada Nylon Bags - Re-Edition

If you’ve opened up Instagram at least once in the past few months, then you’ve definitely spotted one of Prada’s Re-Edition bags on your feed. The Re-Edition initiative saw Prada re-release some of its most iconic bags from 2000, 2005, and 2006, including the Re-Edition 2000 Nylon Mini Bags, which are the most common of the bunch. Our top pick, however, is the Re-Edition 2006 Nylon Chain Shoulder Bag. With its black shade and croissant-esque silhouette, it has us longing for Parisian summer.

Wear It With: a plain white tee, baggy trousers, and New Balance sneakers.


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Prada Tote Bags

For those that will never get on board with the concept of “packing light,” a tote bag is the only option. But all that extra space doesn’t need to come at the cost of style, as proven by Prada’s lush—and spacious—shoppers. The Carolyn Tote has more than enough room for your essentials while still being extra-classy, thanks to the grained leather upper and monochromatic finish. For summer, we’ve got our eyes on the Small Brushed Leather Tote in pastel pink,  but come fall, you’ll find us with the fuzzy Faux-Fur Tote on our arm.

Wear It With: a tiered maxi dress and dad sandals.


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Prada Crossbody Bags

Everyone knows that the crossbody bag is a girl’s real best friend. With its compact design and an all-important long shoulder strap, the crossbody is for the woman on-the-go. With enough space for the essentials (who needs more than a phone, wallet, and lipstick anyway?) and minimal—yet luxe—finishes, Prada’s crossbody bags will easily take you from the everyday to a big night out.

Wear It With: a bodysuit, leather pants, and strappy heels—preferably in head-to-toe black.


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Prada Belt Bags

If even a crossbody bag is too cumbersome for you, why not go hands-free with a belt bag? You might be having ’90s fanny pack flashbacks right now, but we promise Prada’s offering is more runway-ready than dad on vacation. We can’t decide between the Re-Nylon Belt bag that rests easily across the chest or around the waist or the curvy Sidonie that resembles a saddle bag. Guess we’ll take one of each.

Wear It With: bike shorts and a cropped Alo Yoga jacket.


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Prada Shoulder Bags

There’s no all-rounder that quite rivals the shoulder bag. Small but practical, yet more than capable of making a statement, it’s perfect for everything from work and play to travel. The black Cleo bag is a forever favorite, but we’re eyeing the pistachio green version for this season. We also can’t get enough of the Odette bag in hot pink, which will add a vibrant touch to any look.

Wear It With: a basic white tank top and high-rise mom jeans for an off-duty model look.


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Prada Bucket Bags

The bucket bag is a divisive silhouette but we’re betting Prada’s offering will easily sway naysayers. The small fabric bucket bags have been an Instagram sensation for the past few seasons, because of their sporty, ‘90s appeal. But that doesn’t mean the bucket doesn’t come in more unique iterations, too. Case in point: the Mesh Hobo Bucket bag. With its black mesh outer and striking neon pink nylon lining, it’s giving us summertime chic.

Wear It With: a column dress and white leather sneakers.


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Prada Mini Bags

Despite their small stature, mini bags make a big impact. Sure, there isn’t always enough room for all your staples, but isn’t that what your entourage (or significant other) is for? This sleek triangular bag might not even be big enough to hold your iPhone, but that just adds to its appeal. Or, if you do require slightly more space, there’s the Mini Galleria tote, which looks exactly like a shrunken-down version of the larger bag.

Wear it With: a just-as-mini bubble dress and Manolo Blahnik pumps.


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Prada Sidonie

The Sidonie made its grand debut during Resort 2019, and thanks to its distinct, curved silhouette, it’s been a hit ever since. Generally, the bag comes complete with an adjustable shoulder strap and a removable top handle—which means that it can also be styled as a clutch if you so desire. It’s simple yet stylish and can elevate any look no matter how casual—which is precisely why it’s on our must-have list. Though you can’t go wrong with the Sidonie in burnt orange, the textured Cerise leather version has stolen our heart this season.

Wear it With: a Canadian suit and stilettos for a bold look that's sure to make an entrance.


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Prada Backpacks

“I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack,” Bianca Stratford declared in 10 Things I Hate About You. Over two decades later, the reference is still relevant. And luckily, there are more than enough options on the market. From the roomy nylon backpack that’s perfect for traveling (whenever that’s back in the cards) to the Mini Vela, which, spoiler, isn’t technically a backpack. One thing’s for sure; your commuter bag never looked this chic.

Wear It With: a Nagnata set and a pair of designer sneakers on your next backcountry adventure.


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Prada Clutch Bags

Haven’t you heard? The clutch bag is making a comeback. Let’s face it, we’ve been swapping out our loungewear in favor of the more glamorous pieces that haven’t had their chance to shine. And what accessory screams “ready to party” more than a clutch? Make yourself the center of attention by anchoring your outfit with Prada’s Beaded Fringe Clutch, or go for something more understated like the System Nappa padded clutch. Either way, we’ll meet you on the dance floor.

Wear It With: a sequin-spangled mini dress and Jimmy Choo heels.


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