Create Generational Style With the 8 Best Investment Pieces, According to Our Editors

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Aug 19, 2022

Fashion is constantly changing, you only need to see the rise of trends like Barbiecore and TikTok’s clean girl aesthetic to know this to be true. That’s why it’s important to purchase garments and accessories which not only reflect your personal style but also go beyond what’s en vogue. We like to call these classic fashion staples “investment pieces,” the type of products built to last longer than one season, that you can mix and match for years to come, and (like the Hermès Birkin) might actually go up in value once purchased—this is a shopping justification we use more than we would like to admit. 

Contrary to popular opinion, fashion investment pieces don’t have to be expensive. It can be something as simple as a pair of Frame jeans or designer sunglasses. The trick is to think about what you’re drawn to most (is it blazers or leather jackets?) and then make sure it fits with your garment rotation. As someone who has been steadily curating a wardrobe of timeless bags and clothes for what feels like a lifetime, I am always curious as to what investment pieces people have or are saving for. So I tapped our fashion editors for their thoughts. Below find the 8 best investment pieces that promise style for generations to come.

Shop 8 Editor-Approved Investment Pieces

Dana Avidan Cohn

Head of Editorial Content & Creative

I have always been drawn to classic watches, as they add a finishing touch to any look. Few watch designs are considered as timeless and iconic as the Cartier Tank. A favorite accessory of Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana, the Cartier Tank has a certain allure with its lasting relevance. With its understated design and clean lines, the Cartier tank is a worthy investment for everyday wear.

Stefania Allen

Co-Founder & Creative Director

My favorite look has always been a crisp white button-down, jeans, and elevated accessories to make the look. A gold chain necklace is a classic that has been around for ages and one I never regret wearing. This classic piece has been reimagined by Tiffany & Co over the last few years and has become my go-to for every day, and mixed with diamonds for evening.

Hannah Mckinley

Editorial Director

My husband will tell you that I have a weakness for handbags; but with an eye on more classic shapes and storied designer labels, I’ve been collecting bags that I’ll never tire of—and ones that can be passed down to my daughters. I like to think of that kind of wardrobe curation as an asset. The Celine Belt Bag is one investment that’s already proven its value. Years since I’ve purchased it, its timeless silhouette is one I reach for again and again for my everyday outfits

Danielle Naer

Senior Fashion Editor

If you’re new around here, there’s one thing you should know: we love a classic shoe with endurance. My favorite? Chanel’s slingback ballerinas. I snagged these at my very first Paris Fashion Week and they’ve been a mainstay in my transitional wardrobe ever since. All you’ll need to style them is a cropped straight jean and a button-down, and you officially have your day-to-day wardrobe locked for life.

Cortne Bonilla

Fashion & Beauty Editor

I’m a huge believer in the motto: “Buy good clothes, wear them often.” I stopped purchasing random items and indulging in impulses a few years ago, and have now curated a closet filled with wearable, timeless pieces that embody my personal style. With that, I look to quality and The Row is top-tier for me (and many other fans scouring the internet.) Many of their pieces have become a rotational item for me, especially their shoes and bags. I love this slouchy one so much because it’s unlabeled, unmarked, and effortlessly sleek.

Katelyn Bernard

Market Editor

We are no strangers to travel at Editorialist. Our stylists and editors are always on the go, making travel looks a top rotation in our wardrobes. No heritage designer does luggage quite like Louis Vuitton. The garment cover is as sophisticated as it is easy to carry. Style with a cardigan, jeans, and slingbacks for maximum effect.

Gabriela Garcia

Senior Beauty Editor

When I was a senior in high school (back in the '90s), I traveled to London with my two best friends. I scored a medium-sized Prada nylon backpack in a musty vintage shop on a random cobblestone street. In terms of money, I was running on fumes and surviving on Diet Cokes and Cadbury creme eggs, so I know I didn't pay more than $50 for it. It was an impulse buy because I needed another bag to schlep my things around. After high school, this black nylon backpack carried my books throughout college, became my work bag after graduation, and then my diaper bag when I became a mom. I carry this backpack everywhere, and now that it's fraying and showing its age, I will 100 percent purchase it again (full price this time).

Harry Archer

Assistant Fashion Editor

We all have our vices, and mine is blazers. There’s something about their sophisticated appearance and structured lines that work to elevate even the most casual looks—it's why my wardrobe is full of them. One I am yet to acquire though is the perfect military-inspired blazer, but this wool number from Gucci definitely fits the bill. With its double-breasted design, gold buttons, and black hue, this is an investment piece I will wear for years to come and pass down to my children when they have (of course) accumulated enough style points.

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