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These Press-On Nails Are the Closest Thing to a Chic At-Home Manicure

The Static Nails Pop-On Reusable manicure lives up to the hype. 

Press-on nails get a bad rap. I get it, the concept of gluing a piece of plastic on top of your natural nail bed is a weird one, but so are many of our beloved beauty trends. However, I am a defender of press-ons. As someone with naturally short nails that are prone to chipping and breakage, I love how easy it is for my hands to go from looking boring to glam in a matter of minutes—with no pricey manicure appointment needed. Not to mention, they’ve come a long way from the fake-looking drugstore press-ons of the early aughts. So much so, that beauty experts deem press-on nails as the next major nail trend. If you’ve been sleeping on press-on nails, now’s your time to experiment.

I’ve tried several popular press-on nail brands over the years, but the buzz behind Static Nails enticed me to try yet another. They’re touted as a “reusable pop-on manicure” and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, so naturally, I had to give them a try. Here’s everything you need to know about Static Nails. 

Static Nails Review

Static Nails Pros:

  • Easy to apply
  • Simple to size-match
  • Won’t damage nails
  • Look like a gel manicure
  • Reusable

Static Nails Cons:

  • Sizing can be tricky (I wish there were smaller nails to choose from)
  • Glue can be messy
  • They begin to “pop-off” after about ten days.
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Static Nails
Round Pop-On Reusable Manicure Set
$14.00 BUY NOW
Static Nails Round Pop-On Reusable Manicure Set available at Nordstrom for $14.00 BUY NOW

What are Static Nails?

Static Nails are a brand of press-ons that promise to deliver the perfect manicure without the fuss of going to a salon. They come in a sturdy plastic case that contains 24 individual nails, the signature, non-damaging glue, and a nail file/buffing tool. The packaging itself feels decidedly luxe and elevated, as most drugstore brands come in a flimsy box with the majority of the nails haphazardly stuffed inside. 

Unlike traditional press-on nails, Static Nails can be removed, reapplied, and customized (through easier filing and shaping) more effortlessly. At $14, the cost of a Static Nails kit is also a fraction of what you would pay for a salon gel manicure.

How long do Static Nails last?

The Static Nails website touts up to 18-day wear, depending on how much glue you apply. For example, if you only need them to last a few days for a special occasion, the company advises just a thin strip of glue on your natural nail. For longer wear, you’ll want to apply a pea-sized amount to the base of the nail as well as your natural nail. The good news is you can’t overdo it with the glue that comes with Static Nails, because it’s specially formulated to dissolve as you wear it, resulting in no damage or residue being left behind after they “pop-off” or you gently remove them.

How to apply Static Nails:

1. Prep your nails

The kit comes with a small file that has two sides: one for buffing and one for filing. Start by gently buffing your natural nail and making sure the surface is clean and free of any oil or debris. For this, a simple sweep of acetone will do the trick. 

2. Find your size

Next, you’ll want to layout the ten press-ons you’re going to use by selecting the size that best fits each finger. To do this, place each press-on over your nail. Notice which size covers the nail bed without extending onto the skin. If you look close enough, you’ll see a small number printed underneath each nail; this is helpful for keeping track of what size you need for each finger and can help you replicate the same sizing order on both hands.

3. Apply nail glue

How long your nails will last is going to depend on how much glue you apply (more glue equals longer wear). What I like about Static Nails is that it created its glue to be as strong as a traditional acrylic hold but way less damaging. To apply, start with a thin layer on your natural nail. Then, place about a pea-sized drop at the base of the Static press-on.

4. Press and hold

Next, press the Static nail onto your natural nail, holding it down with even pressure for 20 to 30 seconds. This will ensure that the Static Nail adheres properly. When you lift up, the nail should feel secure.

5. File and shape to your liking

Finally, take the file provided in the kit and shape your nails to your liking. Even if you’re satisfied with the shape, I’d recommend filing down each nail edge a few times to smooth it out. 

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The Final Verdict on Static Nails

Static Nails are much thinner than your old-school drugstore press on nails, which is a huge benefit. This makes them more comfortable to wear and more realistic-looking. While wearing them, several people asked me if I had gotten my nails done recently and were surprised when I told them that I did them myself with a pack of press-ons. They held up well through lots of hand-washing, typing, and cleaning. 

In terms of durability, mine lasted about a week before I noticed a few nails coming loose, but that could also be due to the amount of glue I used. The best part was that each hand came off easily and without wreaking havoc on my natural nails (something I’ve never found with drugstore brands). In the past, I’ve had to soak fake nails in acetone to pry them off, which was never pretty. 

Plus, Static Nails really are reusable. By the time you get them off your fingers, cheaper options are warped in shape, while these pop right off and remain intact without looking worn, scratched, or chipped. I was able to re-store the nails in the same convenient plastic case for another use, making them well worth it. I’ll likely be swapping out my regular polish for a pack of these—at least, I will the next time I actually have somewhere to go.

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