Level Up Your Eye Look With These 10 Magnetic Eyelash Brands

No glue required.
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Jul 14, 2022

While we’re big lovers of lash serums and volumizing mascaras, sometimes our look calls for more drama than our natural lashes can afford. That’s where a good set of falsies come in. Beloved by pro makeup artists and novices alike, false eyelashes traditionally involve applying a thin layer of adhesive glue to your lash line, before wiggling a strip lash on top and pressing it onto the lid to (hopefully) stick and stay in place. It’s often tricky, clumsy, and hard to master—especially if you want your lashes to last for long-term wear. But thanks to magnetic eyelashes, the process of applying eye-opening falsies is now so much easier. 

What do magnets have to do with makeup? We tapped makeup artists for more insight into the ingenious technology behind the beauty breakthrough. Ahead, find out how magnetic eyelashes work, whether or not they’re safe for your eyes, and how to apply them. Then, shop our top picks for the best magnetic eyelashes, across multiple price points. You’ll have head-turning, fluttery lashes in next to no time.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

Magnetic lashes are a viable alternative to using strip lashes with adhesive or eyelash extensions,” explains makeup artist Margina Dennis. “They adhere to the lash line using either a magnetic liquid or gel liner, or another set of magnetic lashes.” 

The liners typically have a small amount of iron oxide in them. Once dry, the iron oxide in the liner attracts the tiny magnets on the band of the falsie, creating a magnetic “stick” effect. Per Dennis, “the strength of wear depends on the strength and number of magnets,” so not all magnetic lashes are created equally.

Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe?

According to Rupa Wong, MD, a pediatric and adult ophthalmologist, yes, magnetic lashes are safe. In fact, magnetic eyelashes may be safer to use than traditional fake lashes that require placing glue so close to the eye. However, Dr. Wong notes to pay attention to how the iron oxides in the liner affect your skin. Trace amounts of iron oxide may be FDA-approved for use in cosmetics, but it can sometimes cause sensitivities to the skin.

How Do You Apply Magnetic Eyelashes?

For magnetic lashes adhered with eyeliner, which are the ones you see most commonly now, you apply the liner approximately three times, letting it dry in between for 30 seconds each coat, then place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible,” says celebrity makeup artist Cara Lovello. To get the best fit, Jaimie Greenberg, a makeup artist to clients like Rashida Jones, recommends gently bending the band of the lashes to mold them to your eye shape before applying. “If they are too long, trim them so that the band is flush with the next magnet,” she says. Once the lash is securely in place, you can add a coat of two of mascara to blend your natural lashes with the falsies. 

For magnetic lashes that adhere to another strip (or require anchor magnets), start by placing the top lash above your lash line, then affixing the second strip below the lash line. The magnets should snap together seamlessly, creating a magnetic bond around your natural lashes.

To remove either option, gently pull the lash away from your lash line. Unlike traditional strip lashes, there should be no tugging at your skin—the lash should come off easily, and you can re-use each pair by storing them back in the case they came in. Finally, you can remove the magnetic eyeliner by using an oil-based cleanser or solid balm.

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