15 Blue-Red Lipsticks That Look Great on All Skin Tones

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Jun 28, 2022

Red lipstick is a makeup bag necessity. It’s a color approved by makeup artists and frequented by celebs, but the process of finding your perfect shade can prove a bit challenging, particularly when there are so many options to choose from. There’s nothing wrong with swatching and shopping till you land on a favorite, but if you want to cut to the chase and get to the glam, makeup artists suggest trying blue-red lipstick, a universally flattering shade. 

According to makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran, blue-red lipstick “looks amazing on all skin tones.” She specifically suggested the color for those with deeper or olive complexions, adding, “What I love most is that the blues of the lipstick really mutes the yellow tones of your teeth and make your whites look brighter.”

Niye Aniekan-Attang, founder of Ace Beauté agrees, but encouraged experimentation. “Red lipsticks with blue undertones work well on a wide range of skin tones but pop on darker skin tones. I always tell people that there are no set rules in makeup and to use products that spark joy, inspire creativity and bring out the confidence in them.”

As for ensuring your lipstick looks flawless once applied, Jaikaran shared her go-to method. “You want to apply just enough pressure so you get the full payoff of the shade and you avoid doing too many layers. Be sure to get the corners of the mouth and when in doubt you can use a tiny bit of your foundation or concealer to clean up the edges of the mouth for a sharp, sleek finish.”

Ready to start shopping? Scroll ahead for 15 of our favorite blue-red lipstick picks. 

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